The gy wagon is a four-wheel open wagon, and was the Victorian Railways’ most ubiquitous vehicle with over 6000 of them on the system. They were built between 1939 and 1958 and carried all sorts of loads, the most common being grain during the harvests. (See http://www.victorianrailways.net/freight/freight%20pages/gy/gy.html for further information.)

The number of things they carried presents many opportunities for modelling, but to begin with I’ve created a few basic models. I will make them available as soon as I do a texture for them — all the panelling is already finished.

This screenshot shows an empty and uncovered gy, and a gy covered with a tarp. The tarp won’t look as blocky once I apply a texture to it.

The yellow livery shown here was applied during the 1970s; originally gys were painted a dark red/maroon colour.

David Morley (13 October 2009)