Rail3D Features


  • Windows, DirectX, 3D Railway simulation
  • Layout size in excess of 200km * 200km


  • Click and drag track laying
  • Completely unconstrained track laying
    • Track laying guides and tools assist in track creation.
  • User definable track model
  • Animated turnouts
  • Super-elevation
  • Multiple "track" types including:
    • Rail
    • Tram
    • Narrow Gauge (various gauges at consistent uniform scale)
    • Road
    • Water (River, Canal, etc)
    • Monorail
    • Cable car
  • Realistic OHLE geometry implementation
    • Defined by user generated models
    • Types include:  mainline contact+support wire, single-wire tram, three-phase etc
    • Wire geometry generated by program to fit straight links to track curvature, including pull-off wires for tight curvature.

3D Models

  • Models implemented in custom file format.
  • Model editor supplied with program.
  • Can convert models created for some other sim formats.


  • User definable train models
  • Train scripting can be used to extend or modify train operation
  • Large library of train models available
  • Electric, diesel and steam (etc) types supported.
  • Train physics implemented
  • Animated and functional elements including:
    • Wheels
    • Bogies
    • Pantographs and trolley poles
    • Headlights / Taillights
    • Steam locomotive valve gear and motion (and steam)
    • Destination indicators and route indicators
    • Numbers / Name plates / Specific livery variations
    • Doors
    • Cab controls / indicators
    • Tilting trains
  • Can also be used to model road vehicles, ships/boats, monorail, cable car etc


  • Detailed signalling model based on UK practice.
  • User definable signal models
  • Signals controlled by simulation, or by user.
  • Signal scripting can be used to extend signal system
  • Large library of signal models available
  • User operation of signal panels
    • using NX type route setting panel
    • -or- 3D lever frame with interlocking and block instruments
  • Barrier and gate level crossings

Train Operation

  • Computer controlled -or- user driven train operation
  • Train operations programmed, including:
    • Route selection
    • Stops and reverses
    • Uncoupling, coupling, dividing and combining
    • Speed restrictions
    • Turntables
  • Trains can be set to operate to a timetable
  • Train diagrams can be defined to manage a complete day of operation for a train


  • User-defined 3D models can be used for buildings and other structures
  • Special scenery types available include
    • fast-rendering trees
    • fences, telegraph wires
    • linear scenery for custom trackside features (fits scenery items to track geometry)


  • Frequent program updates
  • Automatic updater downloads and installs program updates
  • Automatic updater downloads model library updates


  • Digitiser tool allows generation of layout features from map images
  • Create track from point and click on map
  • Create terrain by clicking on map
  • Import real world DEM data


  • Flexible terrain system allows modelling of large areas and fine detail
  • Automatic generation of cuttings and embankments
    • Earthwork shape not constrained by terrain grid
  • Terrain system can import real-world (DEM) data.


  • User generated macros to automate operations, eg complex track laying.
  • User generated scripts can be applied to trains, signals etc to modify or extend operation.

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