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In this section of the website you will find notes and pages contributed by Rail3D users.

  • How To - tips and tricks for using Rail3D
  • Projects - users write about their layouts and models
  • Signals - notes on implementing signals
  • Scripting - using the Rail3D scripting system
  • Sound - about Rail3D sound

Any Rail3D user is welcome to contribute to these pages.

To do so:

  • Please read the Editing Guide notes on style and content
  • Create a website account for yourself (if you do not already have one)
  • Please email mark@rail3d.net or the Rail3D email group (rail3d@yahoo.com) requesting that your account is set up for editing - we will enable your account so that you can edit.  It would be helpful if you let us know what it is you plan to edit when you do this.  Sorry, we have to do this because of previous problems with vandalism of the pages.


Some pages on this site are available in translation:  where this is case, you will find a flag icon on the page - click the flag to switch to the translated version of the page.

If you able to help with translating pages, please see Translation

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