VicG Class

The G class diesel-electric locomotive is from Victoria, Australia. It first belonged to the state-owned V/Line, followed by V/Line Freight, Freight Victoria, Freight Australia and now Pacific National. Since then, some of the class has been sold to qrn and sct, and repainted in those liveries.

The three liveries shown below are V/Line, Freight Australia and Pacific National. (V/Line and pn liveries added 26 June 2008).

Update (13 December 2008): the Pacific National-liveried version has been finished to include the large road number on the front.

This Pacific National livery was a little more difficult to create, as it involved cutting up the panels on the front of the cab to allow the road number to be displayed. The road number is actually composed of three separate panels (due to the angled nature of the panelling) with the same colours as the base texture so that you can’t tell the difference. I could’ve used a separate texture for each possible number, but that would have been a little less elegant a solution!

The only unfinished part is the cab detail. I have provided a static dashboard, centre console mounting and driver’s and fireman’s seats, however there is no equipment on the centre console or on the back wall, and the speedometer is missing. I may get around to doing these one day.

I keep the original textures in psd format to make it as easy as possible to create different-liveried versions. Most of the detail on the car body is laid over the top of a base paint scheme, so changing the colours is actually pretty easy.

David Morley (26 June 2008)