Vic ComengEMU

These emus for Melbourne’s electrified suburban system were built by Commonwealth Engineering for the then State Transit Authority (hence the term “Comeng”).

I started this model probably at least 18 months ago, however had made it using too many small textures as opposed to one overall skin. I decided to change to the overall skin approach, and made a few other major changes at the same time. I intend to resume working on it fairly soon, time permitting of course.

The other part of this project is creating the trailer (T) carriage, as this is just the motor (M) car.

As you can see from the below screenshot, I am partway through re-mapping the textures. I also need to update it for more recent features, such as destination boards, new pantograph syntax and interior lighting.

Comengs have seen a number of different operators and thus liveries also. The one I am starting with is the Connex Melbourne rebranding of the former M>Train refurbs. After that, the easiest livery to do next would be the M>Train refurb livery, since it uses the same cab front. To do any other livery will require modification of the front of the cab.

David Morley (13 January 2007)