V100.10 (built 1958–1963)

V100.20 (built 1963–1966)

Light multi-purpose diesel locomotive

The V100 was introduced in 1958 as a light mainline locomotive for freight and passenger trains. Sometimes (in flat areas) they could even be seen as heavy freight units in double traction. The first units have been issued as V100.10 with 1100hp engines and 12.10m overall length. This version was built until 1963.

In 1959 a prototype with 1350hp engine was introduced for testing purpose. From 1962 on, all the following units (20) have been equipped with the stronger engine.

Starting with the 1963 production, the overall length was increased to 12.30m and some additional minor changes were made. The V100.20 was born. This version was built up to 1966. A special type of the V100.20 was the V100.23, later br 213, which was equipped with a second security brake system (hydrodynamic) to deal with gradients of up to 40‰. Ten of these were built for service in mountain regions.

Main Specifications:

V100.10 V100.20
Wheel Configuration: B’B’-dh
Length: 12100mm 12300mm
Width: 3080mm
Wheelbase: 6000mm
Bogie Wheelbase: 2200mm
Weight: 62 metric tons 63 metric tons
Power: 1100hp/809kW 1350hp/992kW
Tractive Effort: 176kN 177kN
vmax: 90kph 100kph

Units built: 745

:Original Livery:: Old Red (Purple Red) with Sand-Yellow linings

The Rail3D Models

Actual wip pictures (db orient red, 1986–1996):

Pictures always show the actual state
V100 V100
V100.10 Front V100.10 Rear
V100 V100
V100.20 Front V100 Bogie
Additional db liveries:
V100 V100
V100.10 Prototype 1958–1959 V100.20 1963–1974
V100 V100
V100.10 1974–1986 V100.20 1996–2004

What has to be done:

  • Top addons (horn, antenna, etc.)
  • Complete cab interieur ==> wip
  • Better component management for vertex reduction ==> wip
  • Physics adjustment ==> wip, almost finished