Trackside Huts

Here are some screenshots of the huts currently available in the TracksideHuts.zip file in the Files/Scenery section of the online group. I’ll add more to them as time permits.

The concrete base on each hut may look big, however most of it is below terrain level when you actually use them in a layout.

TracksideHut1 The frame is wooden and the rest of the panelling is corrugated iron. The prototype has a door on one side but I left this out to save space with the texture.

TracksideHut2 A model of a Pilot Staff cabinet/hut. It’s all metal and has some graffiti on it, for that extra touch of reality. :-)

TracksideHut3 A new type of concrete prefab hut, this one’s almost on a par with a small shed. The prototype’s roof-mounted rotating ventilators have been omitted.

TracksideHut3UC This one is the ‘under construction’ version of TracksideHut3, with assorted pipes sticking out of the concrete base.