Terni- Sulmona


by Michele Modica

You can download the layout from the layouts page.

A mountain railway in central Italy

This line was completed in 1883, as a first attempt to connect Rome with Pescara, on the adriatic sea
coast. In 1888 was completed the direct line from Rome to Pescara (electrified since 1931), and the
Terni-Sulmona line lost his importance, except for regional service.

Since 1936 early diesel engines were used on the line, totally replaced by steam in the second world
war years, due the lack of fuel. Steam locos gr740, 470, 471 or 940, usually in double or triple traction
in the Sella di Corno ramp (as simulated in the layout). The last steam train (from Rome to L'Aquila)
was suppressed in 1959.

Today the line is used mainly for local passenger service. It's the highest railway in central Italy, as it
reaches 996 meters over sea level, at Sella di Corno pass.


The layout covers all the 164 km of the real line, from the station of Terni, along the electrified line
Orte-Falconara, to Sulmona, along the Roma-Pescara line, and includes all the 22 stations. The terrain
has been generated with 100% realistic DEM using the rail3D DEM terraforming tool, created by
Roberto Ceccarelli. some terrain textures have been used, to try to render where possible the real color
of the grass and the rocks of that country.


Diesel units aln668 have been used for local services (regional trains from Terni to Rieti, from Rieti to
L'Aquila, from L'Aquila to Sulmona. Three steam routes have been added, from Rieti to L'Aquila,
from L'Aquila to Sulmona and an express steam train from Terni to Sulmona, covering all the line.
All the steam trains couple with a second steam engine at Antrodoco station, before climbing to the
pass, as it happened in real life.

I tried to build ta realistic layout, anyway I had no time to create a dedicate scenery item for every
building along the line, so, if anyone wants to add or edit buidings, or any other item, please get in

Every comment or advice about this work will be highly appreciated.






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