Standard Isle Of Man

This project arose from a desire to learn about srtm data.

Initially, the srtm data for the isle of man was extracted from the uk tile. Next this was thinned out using Mark H’s srtm tool. Once pasted into Rail3D, it was time to start laying tracks.

The great thing about using srtm data is that once you’ve laid tracks, things start to look good very quickly.

Map Version 0.1

Currently the routes are as follows:

2A01 Douglas Central (top of map) - Douglas Peel Road Junction - Castletown (split)

2A02 Castletown - Castlehill

2A03 Castletown - St Mary - St Mary Port (very bottom of map)

Most lines are single track and quite heavily graded!

(Douglas central)

At the moment there aren’t many services - track laying has taken priority. Once I’ve added a few towns and trains I’ll upload the layout to the Rail3D vault.

Alan P (spring 2007)