Lo Cost Mark1

Lo-Cost Mark 1 Project

The lo-cost mark 1 project is to create a range of mk1 carriages suitable optimised for the latest versions of Rail3D. Anyone can contribute by repainting one of the skins into a new livery..there is lots of work to do!

Currently we have Maroon and Blood/Custard as (almost) complete sets.

Add your own section to this page to show what you’ve been working on. I’ll start:

mk1 skins by Alan Perryman

Suburban Mark 1s (November 2005)

Needed these for ProjectGWR - there are some rwsb models in the library already but these shred the framerates so I wanted a lo-cost one.

Lo Cost Mark1
Almost finished mk1 “S” (mk1 Suburban Second)
Lo Cost Mark1
mk1 57′ Suburban Rake with Pannier


I’ve finished the mk1 bs, and mk1 S in Maroon 57′ versions. These were typically used on the Eastern and Midland regions. These will be available shortly

17–11–05 (just)

I’ve done a little bit more work on the mk1s released a few days ago to make them a little more detailed, as I can via the skin. I’ve also added the mk1 C varient to the list.

Lo Cost Mark1
80000 Std4 and Suburban mk1s
Lo Cost Mark1
mk1 ‘C’ in Blue (Work In Progress)

Ready for early 1970s layouts, the suburban mark 1s will be available in Rail Blue.


Rail blue mk1 suburban “basic” set complete. The basic set comprises of the 57′ S, C and bs models.

Lo Cost Mark1
Blue Suburban mk1s

Next set to be created will be the lined maroon set - this simply involves a texture swap!

Then, it’s time to look seriously at the 64′ versions and the 4 livery varients.

Lo Cost Mark1
Maroon mk1 S with lining

You can get these at http://www.thistle5.plus.com/Suburban.zip


Updated and now matches the other coaches a bit better. Development file is available at



I have recently produced some Blue/Grey Mark 1s. So far I have a bsk and a tso. These are just repaints of Mark’s Blood/Custard models. The file is available in the yahoo group at the moment and will be in the library shortly.