Great Western 43xx 2–6−0 Mogul

The aim of this project is to build an optimised gwr 43xx Mogul, to increase the number of available steam locos.

These locos were built to handle most types of traffic, and having a good route availablity they were found all over the network.

There are 2 preserved, and the West Somerset Railway rebuilt a Large Prairie into a similar tender loco a couple of years ago.


The main loco is basially complete, with only details to be added, such as the topfeed, and some more texture mapping is required.

I am very pleased with the texturing so far :)

The wheels are optimised by using the skin for the spokes, but suffers a bit from ‘wobbly wheels’ at the moment ;)

I have currently switched work onto the tender, which is a standard Churchward 3500 Gallon type.