Class 303 Electric Multiple Unit

Model published 01/01/2013

The model has now been published in four livery variations, featuring operating doors and cab controls.

February 2006

Build in 1960 these trains worked primarily around Glasgow, though some were transferred to Manchester in the mid 1980s. The original rail3d model was built by rwsb and is very frame rate hungry. Initially I looked at converting the model but I wasn’t really satisfied with the results I was getting. So…I’ve started from scratch:

As you can see this model is built from a standard strip with a skin - the areas where the doors will be are transparent, and sliding doors will be added later.

The drivers cab will be a challenge but hopefully not an impossible one.

Feb 16th

The rebuild carries on further:

…as you can see the interior texture is still unfinished, but the exterior is much more complete. I’m going to work in this order: guards doors (addition to main texture), interior texture, then passenger doors before moving onto the driving trailer carriage. Interiors will come last!

Feb 26th

… doors added (though the u,v mapping needs doing), and the interior has been painted up properly.

updated @ 1640GMT

…only the seats to add before I start on the dtso.

update at 1703

…couldn’t resist!

November 2006

Been a while since I really used rail3d. A bit of procrastination time appeared though (!) and here’s the result so far:

December 2006

The curves are proving really difficult…not sure how much further this project will progress!