cct Wagon

Update 26.08.05

I’ve “remastered” the skins for the cct so that they can be more easily repainted. There is a development pack available below which contains the .svg scaleable vector graphics file I used to create the textures. The textures need a little bit of modification as some of the cyan has changed colour slightly - it should be transparent.


I look forward to seeing some repaints ;o)

(Last update 14-Aug-05)

I don’t know too much about these - I think they were build in the 1950s following on from an earlier design, and survived into the 70s and 80s. Usually carried parcels upto 75mph.

I hope to release this soon!

The first version of this model with Sam White’s 3d underframe:

(Note the station building is a generic gwr building I am currently working on with Richard Southey

The second version of the model with a textured underframe: