BLS Locos

When I started building the Lotschberg layout, I didn't realise how much stock was needed - and how little we already have.

Fortunatly, there were some excellent models for MSTS suitable for conversion and the authors of these models very kindly gave permission for me to convert their models to Rail3D format.

BLS Re 4/4 "Brownie"

Converted from MSTS with kind permission from J.Y.Canoville.  Many thanks.

The model was converted using the MSTS to Rail3D model convertor, then editing in the Rail3D stock editor to make the Bogies / Wheels / Pantographs conform to Rail3D syntax.  I have replaced the numbers in the model skin textures to Rail3D dynamic numbers and set the model cab position. (Unusually for an MSTS model, this model has a nice 3D cab interior, so the view from the cab position works well)

I still need to:

  • Add headlight/ taillight etc
  • Convert the badges on the side to individual badges for specific locos (each loco carries the name and badge of a different town/community)

and one day .. make functional cab controls for the loco.

The model can be downloaded from http://www.rail3d.info/library/stock//Europe//Switzerland/BLS/BLS_RE44.stk.zip 

BLS Re 485

Converted from MSTS with kind permission froMichael Barthels (original model) and J.Y.Canoville (model skin).  Many thanks.

The Re 485 class are modern locos of the Bombardier TRAXX type.  The model was converted from MSTS format using the convertor, followed by editing in the Stock editor to get the wheels/bogies/pantograph working correctly.  The pantograph was tricky since the MSTS components weren't properly aligned along the baseline so needed a transformation to operate correctly in Rail3D.

I have also added Rail3D dynamic numbers.  This was interesting since the locos carry the number in two forms - the full UIC form eg "485 001-2" which is shown on the front (at the bottom) and on the side (below the blue bls).  They also carry the shorter form of the number eg "001" in large numbers under the front windscreen.  Rail3D can already handle the UIC number with checksum, but I had to extend the code slightly to get the short number to display properly.  This new code will be in the next release.

I have added head and tail lights and tweaked the module and component ordering to get things to display properly in Rail3D.

Work still to do:

  • Cab controls (in due course)

The loco can be downloaded from http://www.rail3d.info/library/stock//Europe//Switzerland/BLS/BLS_RE485_cargo.stk.zip 
(note the front numbers won't display properly until the updated Rail3D code is released)


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