Loop Tool

The loop tool is a little gadget for cleaning and normalising sound waves for use with Rail3D

When I was trying to create sound loops for Rail3D I had a lot of problems creating seamless “Click-free” loops. It turned out that a lot of these were due to the editing software I was using and not the actuall loops, but even so I find this little gadget useful for testing and adjusting wave loops.

The tool uses the same dx sound code as the main Rail3D program, so it is a good way to test how the sounds will actually play in Rail3D. I did consider implementing the sound schemes (Steam/Speed etc) in the tool for test purposes, but have not done so as yet, and it may not be worth doing it.

Tool features:

  • Browse Rail3D sound folders
  • Displays info on wave format, length etc
  • Play waves, single short or looping, using Rail3D’s dx sound code
  • “Clean Loop” button removes end of loop clicks from waves
  • Level buttons adjust peak level of waves to preset levels. For example, I normalise the main loco noise to 100% and secondary noise such as track noise to 75%

You can download the loop tool from http://www.rail3d.info/tools/looptool.zip

nb, since the tool uses Rail3D’s dx libraries, you will need to put it in the same folder as the main Rail3D program.