Existing Sound Work

Rail3D classic supported a plugin, which reached version 10. However 2kD does not use this. Instead, a new code base is being developed.

So far work is progressing on an analysis of the task we have to perform. Gradually and through an iterative process sound support will be greatly enhanced. If you want to help out with this task then please add to these pages — or e-mail me (Alan Perryman) with your contributions.

The link below is a pdf which shows an overview of the entire task we have to undertake.


The links below are `pdfs which document some of the sub-tasks we have to achieve.




On Going Work

I am currently recording sounds from the railways I am visiting. They have mostly come from the Severn Valley Railway so far, as I am a regular vounteer.

I have been trying and find the best way to record the engine sounds without them being effected too much by wind noise etc.

All recordings are in their ‘raw state’ at the moment, and will require extensive editing to mkae them useable with Rail3D. This editing, other than generally cleaning and cropping the recordings will take place once the formal specification has been agreed.


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