Current Sound Availability

A list of sound resources currently available for use with Rail3D.

See Distributable Sound FilesDistributable Sound Files for definition of “available for use with Rail3D”.

Sound set Prototype Copyright Notes
steam Ffestiniog double Fairlie Merddin Emrys Richard Southey Recorded on fr, September 2005
x_d9_power_cruise Cl55 Deltic Used with permission
hge442 Swiss metre gauge hge4/4ii mrg mgb metre gauge rack loco
Class 25 25059 Richard Southey Recorded on kwvr, Easter 2007
Western D1013 Richard Southey Recorded on svr, August 2006
Class 87 mrg Class 87 electric loco, some unwanted noises in the wave, which I would like to be able to edit out when I can
Class 150 dmu Richard Southey Recorded onboard London Midland Class 150 between Lapworth and Hatton, December 2007
Class 37 Richard Southey Recorded on Rhymney Valley Branch, November 2005
  • aws Sounds (Alan Perryman / James Moody)

Major needs

  • Diesel mechanical dmu
  • emu
  • Brake noises