New features in Railway 32 v8

Multiple Scripts

  • The program now allows multiple menu scripts - no longer limited to Standard, Narrow and Custom. 
  • Any file in the railway 32 folder with the .r32 extension can now be used, and forms its own menu.
  • In the settings, you can specifiy which menu scripts are used in both application and screensaver mode:

Menus and Submenus

  • Menus may be divided into submenu items:

  • To do this simply use '\' divider in the scene name, eg 

JPEG support

  • The scene background specified by the BACKGROUND keyword may now be in JPEG format as well as BMP.  
    (I think it handles a few other formats as well, but JPEG is the most useful)

Improved Dialogs

  • Dialogs have been  improved in V8.  Including improved speed controls.

Tram Mode

  • Models tram operation with multiple vehicles running on the same track:

  • Simply insert keyword TRAMMODE in the script

Module installation

  • Program now has ZIP support built in and can decompress modules without WinZIP or FreeZip
  • During module installation, user can select (and create) menu to install module to.

Module builder

  • Utility for packaging scenes as modules




MRG 21/03/2015 14:14:10