Scarborough Whitby

The Scarborough-Whitby line is one I’ve dreamed of modelling for a long time. It’s a route I know very well from walking the trackbed - much of which is now part of the Cleveland Way - but I sadly never got the chance to travel on it by train before it closed in 1965 (or, if I did, I must have been too young to remember it).

I’ve only recently started to have a serious go at it, inspired by mrg’s various steam demo layouts.

The first “work in progress” release of the layout is now available for download from my layouts page

Current Status

  • Terrain essentially complete for Scarborough-Whitby and lower Esk Valley, some fine-tuning to do
  • Track laid and graded
  • Stations from Scarborough Central to Whitby West Cliff roughed out
  • Basic, functional signalling in place: simple run-rounds at Scarborough and West Cliff set up
  • Test trains operational between Scarborough Central and Whitby West Cliff (mrg’s br stock)
  • Shuttle service on lower Esk Valley - no stations or signals yet.


For the moment I don’t have any accurate layout diagrams of stations, or proper timetable information.


  • os 1:50,000 and 1:25,000
  • Personal recollection
  • SIAM simulation “Scarborough 1960″

Possible Extensions

There are lots of possibilities - the most interesting are:

  1. Continue north from Whitby to Sleights and Loftus (for Middlesbrough & Darlington)
  2. Extend the Esk Valley line to Grosmont or Battersby (ditto)
  3. Extend the main line from Scarborough to Seamer, Malton and York and/or Seamer-Filey-Hull
  4. Malton-Pickering-Grosmont
  5. Scarborough-Pickering-Helmsley

I have started to prepare the maps for the Scarborough-Pickering-Helmsley line (might as well stick to closed lines), which is scenically more interesting than the route via Malton. But I suppose the Pickering-Grosmont line will have to be added sooner or later.