RhB Bernina- Engadin

Yet another work-in-progress: I started on this in October 2009 after a short holiday in the Engadin.

Planned scope

The intention is to cover the Rhätische Bahn network south of the Albula and Vereina tunnels, i.e. the Engadin line and the Bernina line.

Engadin line

This forms part of the Rh B’s main ac network, and runs from St Moritz to Scuol-Tarasp, following the Engadin (the Inn valley) all the way. There is a branch from Samedan to Pontresina. The Albula line (from Chur) joins at Bever; the Vereina tunnel (from Landquart and Klosters) joins in a triangular junction between Susch and the car-loading station at Sagliains. Currently (2009) there’s an hourly stopping service between Pontresina and Scuol-Tarasp. The hourly semi-fast Albula trains from Chur to St Moritz connect with stopping trains in the same direction at Samedan; The hourly Disentis-Chur-Landquart-Klosters-Vereina-Scuol trains connect with stopping trains in the opposite direction at Sagliains. The main freight stations are Scuol-Tarasp, Zernez, Samedan and Pontresina (for interchange with the Bernina line).

Bernina line

This was originally built by a separate company (absorbed into the Rh B in the 1940s) and is electrified with dc. It runs from St Moritz, via Pontresina, over the Bernina Pass to Poschiavo and Tirano. There’s an hourly service between St Moritz and Tirano, connecting with Scuol trains at Pontresina. Some additional Bernina Express workings run through from Chur to Tirano, changing engines in track 3 at Pontresina. There seem to be no pure freight trains, but any passenger train can convey freight, usually between Pontresina and Poschiavo, Campocologno, or Tirano.

Progress so far

  • 12.10.2009: I’ve laid out the terrain and roughed in the track for the Engadin line from St Moritz to Zuoz and the Bernina line from St Moritz to Surovas. Station layout done for St Moritz and Pontresina; no signals yet.


  • The usual Rh B books (Schweers & Wall, etc.)
  • Personal observation and photographs
  • Topographic maps from http://www.schweizmobil.ch
  • Satellite photographs from Google Maps for the station layouts

Mark Hodson October 14, 2009, at 02:37 pm