I’ve been working on a layout covering the various narrow-gauge lines in the German Harz mountains. I’ve built the nwe main line and the Brocken branch and made a start on the ghe. The project is currently stuck due to terrain problems, but in any case it’s not going to get very far until there is a good solution for building forests in Rail3D 2kd, so I’ve put it on the shelf for the time being.

Update: Dec 2007 — Just to say that I haven’t completely forgotten this project. Since I started it, the state of Sachsen-Anhalt has put its topo-maps on the web, and Rail3D has become better at both terrain and forests. For the moment, I haven’t had much success in marrying the detailed maps to dem terrain, but when I get that sorted out, I intend to have another serious go at the Harz.

Update: Feb 2005 — I’ve been able to split the layout into three parts, and am working on each one separately. This overcomes the terrain problem (for the moment), and we are getting closer to being able to make forests, so watch this space…

nwe (North) — Wernigerode to Brocken and Drei Annen Hohne to Eisfelder Talmühle

First stage largely complete. Still to do: details, correction of minor errors (cab video), trees, trees, trees.

(July 2005) I’ve finally remembered to buy the map covering the area west of the Brocken, and made a start on adding the terrain that was previously “off the edge of the map”.

ghe — east of Eisfelder Talmühle to Hasselfelde, Harzgerode and Gernrode

Track laid, Stiege and Hasselfelde station layouts and signalling complete; basic terrain done for the Hasselfelde branch. Still to do: terrain and stations for the Harzgerode and Gernrode branches.

nwe (South)— south of Eisfelder Talmühle to Nordhausen

Track and signals in place for the nwe main line and Nordhausen tram route 1/10 - basic landscaping done. To Do before release: several major roads and level crossings still missing; add tram route 2 (and some appropriate trams!); check remainder of nwe route against a cab video.

There are still some framerate issues to resolve at the Nordhausen end, but the rest of the line is looking good.

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