The demo layout installed with Rail3D "Markham" is a freelance layout based on british practice around the early 1980s, it features mainline electric express, local EMU and DMU services and freight including a number of coal workings.  There is also a narrow gauge steam line.

Description of the area

The principle town/city is "Markham" - a small city, in railway terms, Markham is a terminus with depot and yard and railway routes radiate out from here.  Immediatly north of the city is Harriston power station.  To the west of Markham is a rural area with small villages and hills building to higher peaks in the south before we reach the coast.  To the north of Markham there is a ridge before the main river valley, then higher upland beyond the river.  The "rest of the world" and other cities are to the north.  In the east there is an area of low hills and wide valleys towards Madginford, and then higher ground north towards Becford.  There are coal mines at Broghton, south of Becford.

Railway Routes

The mainline route is the electrified route from the "rest of the world" to the north (North end) through Lakeside, then via Strotford to Markham.  As well as locomotive hauled expresses, this route has a local service provided by class 303 EMUs.

There is a secondary mainline route east from Markham to Becford via Yeaston with diesel hauled (in push-pull mode) express services.  Class 101 DMUs provide local services on this route, and the branch via Madginford.  The colliary at Broghton generates several coal workings on this route.

East of the mainline there are a number of diesel worked lines, centering on Woodborough.  These inlcude a loco hauled passenger train and a number of local DMU services which reach Shepham and West Bay. 

A short narrow gauge line starts in Woodborough and climbs into the hills to the south.

Project Progress

While the layout is worth using as a demo, there is still a lot to do.  

  • Terrain is missing north of a line roughly east west through Green Bay and Strotford
  • A few villages have been added (particularly by Michele) all the rest, including the bigger towns still needs to be done

The Trains

0B00 Markham pilot class 37, used to shunt stock, eg for the steam specail


Intercity electric express to/from Northend

Train 1A87 is class 87 hauled, leaves Markham on the hour.

1A86 is a class 86, leaves on the half-hour and stops at Lakeside


Diesel express service between Markham and Becford

Class 47 with push pull rake, half hourly service between Markham and Becford stopping at Yeaston

1P37 Diesel passenger train, Markham to Northend via Woodborough Class 37 hauled, stops at principle stations
1Z24 Steam special Steam hauled special, runs occaisionally


Local DMU services, Markham to Woodborough to Shepham and Westbay Class 101 DMU services.  Runs as two sets from Markham to Woodborough stopping at all stations.  Divides at Woodborough where one set runs to Southbourne and the other to Green Bay.  At these stations they combine with another set to continue to Shepham and Westbay.
2G03 Local EMU service, Markham to Northend Class 303 EMU, all station service, Markham to Lakeside and Northend
2G11 Local EMU service, Markham to Strotford Class 303 local service between Markham and Strotford
2L56 Local DMU service, Markham to Woodborough Class 101 DMU, Markham to Woodborough and return
2M23 Local EMU, northend to Green Bay Class 303 EMU service to Green Bay
6T86 Oil tanks from Markham to Northend  
7Cxx Coal from Broghton colliery to Harriston power station Class 37 hauled coal from colliery to Harriston power station.  Empties stop at Markham north yard and loco goes to Markham shed
7Exx Coal from Broghton colliery to north  
7W22 Timber from Sottingbourne to Lakeside Class 37 hauls timber traffic from Sottingbourne to Lakeside via Woodborough

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