Overlay Plans

New feature in Rail3D V106 - Overlay plans

In V106 you can use the new “Overlay Plan” feature to overlay a map on the layout as an aid to constructing track.

overlay of station area from Google Maps used to trace tracks and sidings.

Construction of tracks complete.

Using the overlay feature

To use the overlay feature:

  • First, create a suitable bitmap - usually from a map or aerial view of some sort. You will probably need to stitch together several sections to produce a composite bitmap and you will need to know the dimensions of your bitmap in model world metres.
  • Save your overlay bitmap in a suitable location
  • Locate the coordinates in your layout that correspond to the overlay plan
  • Select “Overlay Plan” from the “Tools” menu.
  • Click the “Add” button to create a new overlay definition:
  • Use the browse button to select your overlay bitmap
  • Enter the position of your overlay in model coordinates (x and y)
  • Enter the size of the overlay in metres
  • Either enter the elevation for the overlay, or tick the “At terrain level” option (assuming you already have terrain in place) to set the vertical position of the overlay.
  • Tick the show overlay option and ok the dialog

You should now see the overlay in the layout and be able to use it as a guide to placing tracks or objects.


  • There is no limit to the number of overlays that can be defined, but only one will be shown at one time.
  • If you use tga format files, you can make areas of the overlay transparent or semi-transparent.
  • The bitmap must be “north up”