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The SpotLog web app is a version of SpotLog written in HTML5 and is designed to be used on PCs and iPads.  Like the SpotLog android app, the web app can be used offline and does not need an active web connection to operate.


SpotLog Web App


Please post comments or questions about the webapp to the SpotLog forum: http://www.rail3d.info/other/locolist/forum.aspx


  • Runs on PCs or iPads
  • supported browsers:
    • PC: Chrome
    • iPad: Safari
    • if you use the web app on other plarforms, please let us know.
    • does not work with Edge browser.
  • Operates offline
  • Synchronise data with SpotLog app through the SpotLog sync service
  • Download datasets from SpotLog website
  • Records of locos seen etc, held locally on device

Accessing the web app and getting started

Getting Started

  • Using one of the Supported browsers open the SpotLog Web App
  • Select the "sets" tab and download one or more datasets
  • Enter numbers on the "notepad" tab and press 'add' or 'add(p)' to add the numbers
  • The "Book" tab shows the datasets, and allows you to browse classes and locos
  • The "Log" tab shows your records
  • The "datasets" tab shows available datasets and updates
  • The "admin" tab has status and debug info

How to "install the app" on an iPad

  • Open the app on the iPad in Safari
  • Click the "open in" icon on the safari toolbar
  • Select "Add to Home screen"
  • Safari will create an icon for the SpotLog web app on the homescreen, and you can launch the app direct from the homescreen.

Development Status

Development Status





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