MSTS Conversion Tool

On this page you can download the MSTS to Rail3D conversion tool: this utility allows you convert models made for Microsoft Train Sim to Rail3D model format and use these models in Rail3D.

The Rail3D development team entirely respects the right of msts authors to preserve copyright in their work and will not condone conversion of msts models without the original author’s permission. For this reason, we do not publish the conversion tool, and do not advertise this page: we ask those who have been given links to this page not to publish the link.

Conditions of use

Download Files

Setting up the converter

  1. You should have a working and up to date version of Rail3D
  2. Run the Rail3D updater and check that you have the latest versions of the Rail3D program files.
  3. Create a folder for the MSTS Converter, this can be anywhere on your machine, a sub-folder of the Rail3D folder is suitable.
  4. Download the converter and unpack the files into the your new converter folder.
  5. Locate the FFEDIT folder in your MSTS installation.  It is usually in the UTILS sub-folder of the train sim folder.  Copy the FFEDIT Folder and all its contents to your new converter folder:

  6. Download Martin Wright's texture conversion DLLs from
    1. Browse to
    2. Click the button for the DLLs: 
    3. Click "Download" to download the DLL set
    4. When download complete, run the mwgfxdll.exe file to install the DLLs


Using the converter

Publishing your conversion

You are encouraged to publish your converted model (with the permission of the original copyright holder of course).  The preferred way to do this is to add the model to the Rail3D model library by sending it to and specifying it is for the model library.  You can also publish models through the Yahoo group file library if you would like other users to comment on the model before it is finally published in the library.

Alternatively you may wish to publish your model on your own website, but the library is the preferred method.